The missions in the South between March and May 2016

by Ruddy Carrera.
´´Then saith he unto his disciples, Te harvest truly is penteous, but the labourers are few´´.
Mateo 9:37.

May the Lord bless you, your family and ministry.
We are honored to share our ministry experiences at this time in the South. And ask them to
pray to God to continue opening doors for us to preach his word and continue to help people
in the South.

Download this missionary report here

Do not forget that their offerings help us reach more people and to sustain our workers and
start and build new churches.10400590_10207812897337758_5120828008396771567_n

Baseball game

Pray for our sports ministry. God continues to open new doors to minister through various
sports. Dozens of young people have been saved through this ministry. It’s great.



Pray for our children’s ministry throughout the South. Many young people in our churches
today, were children of our ministry 10 years ago and today are leaders and ministry students.
It’s cute.


Donate to our ministry useful books of Bible stories, school supplies, clothes and shoes to help
dozens of children South who are educated in our churches. This is the time of God for you and
your church.


Pray for the completion of construction of the church in La Colonia. Done for this, and involve
your church to a mission trip to Pedernales.


Pray for our ministry in La Colonia. Where we are building a water well in the church, to help
the community and gain their confidence when presenting the gospel. Pray for the completion
of a cistern dug for use as a water bank.

He streets of all sectors to the next mission management support state border development. God is faithful, he has promised to support us. Two trucks, one mechanical shovel, clay, and two bull Dog, to our service. God is good, and he has promised us not leave us alone.





Pray for Jony, Banesa his wife and children, and brother Saul Enriquillo, where we strive in
their ministerial training, and the evangelization of the city for the purpose of starting a

Pray for the pastor of evangelism Brandon Kennedy Cross Church and Cross Church
missionaries, who will be ministering to them together in the summer.
Pray for our partners who are serving as missionaries in the region this quarter: For the pastor
Carlos Llambes, Dr. Jerry Graham and medical ministry, missionary Priscila Stoter, Score
International and medical equipment, for the church youth Plantation, by Anyoly, Noe
Figueroa and Time Ministries, by pastors Doug Sarver, Brandon Kennedy and missionaries
Cross Church.
Please always pray for me and my family, and our desire to start a new mission in Santo
Thank you for allowing us to serve the Lord with you.