Special testimony

By @Ruddy Carrera.           

¨ ¡Blesse are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy¨ (Matthew 5:7) .

May the Lord bless you mightily to you and your church.

Thank you for praying always for us, and for being part of our ministry, and giving us the privilege to serve with you.

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Keep praying for every pastor and mission of the Deep South, in ministry to invite others to participate in this missionary work. Get involved in the support of one of our workers, and the construction of one of these temples, and we can continue moving towards other peoples, in order to plant new churches. This is a ministry of faith, and do not have a budget for anything we do.


New Rosa leaders receive a ministerial training. IMG_20160527_175245 Deep South pastors receive ministerial councils. Pray for a new round of ministerial training we have started in the South, with pastors and leaders. We are traveling by churches. God is calling new workers to the mission field. We need to strengthen the churches and began to start new fields. That’s why we need economic cooperation, specifically in the area of construction and support new workers. IMG_20160528_202735 Outdoor service with the Church of La Colonia. IMG_20160528_210701 Ministry of Children in La Colonia. Pray for our evangelistic ministry. We are carrying out a project of evangelism outdoor campaigns in the streets of the South. We need a sound for this ministry. You can offer up now for this purpose, or donating a stereo. God has put in our hearts the South, and continue to support the missions of Pedernales and Barahona, and open new mission fields. Our North is the South. The South is our priority. Thousands of people do not yet know Christ, and 90% of the people do not have Baptist churches. IMG_20160511_114452 Missionary work in Los Cocos and Las Cuatro Bocas. The pastor and workers in the area Jeanel Mondelus, polo shirt with gray and black on the left, and Brandon Kennedy evangelism pastor of Cross Church, Arkansas, USA, right, with gray polo shirt. Pastor Ruddy Carrera left with white polo shirt. IMG_20160528_102347 Pastor Jacke Andris in Anse au Pitre, in the center blue shirt. The pastor and missionary Chilean Patricio San Martin right red Polo Shirt, and the pastor and missionary Ruddy Carrera to the right, magenta Polo Shirt.

Continue to pray for Pastor Jack in Anse au Pitre, Haiti. We visit with Dr. Jerry Graham, who has donated a lot of Bibles and medicines for cholera to the hospital in the impoverished Haitian community. The donation made via the United Nations. This is a great testimony, because when arriving to Haiti with medicines God gave us the means to reach your destination. Amen IMG_20160528_102233 Dr. Jerry Graham, director of Baptist Medical Mission, the left white Polo Shirt. This month he and his foundation have blessed dozens of pastors from Puerto Plata, Santiago, Monte Cristi, and Pedernales, with bibles studies and support for your family. Also thousands of people in the communities have benefited from medical clinics and Bibles. And dozens more were saved. IMG_20160530_095530 Up and down: Medical Clinic in Nueva Rosa, with Dr. Jerry Graham. IMG_20160530_095129 New Rosa is a small Haitian community, where there is no service assistance by the Dominican State. There is a school, but it is closed and the site. People are very poor, and there God allowed us to start our first church, with Pastor Alexandre Elides. The temple is not yet built, so that the church meets in a tent Cocos leaves. The pastor is married to Naomi, and are parents of two children. IMG_20160528_093425 In the middle, blue shirt, PastorFrantzdy François, right pink doctor uniform, Dr. Gwen Edland, with Pastor Ruddy Carrera and Dr. Jerry Graham.

Always pray for the pastor Frantzdy Francois, and his family, they are workers in the Haitian border, and travels on his motorcycle by other churches. Not cease to pray for our plans to start a church in Jimani, on the border with Haiti, in Santo Domingo. For this we need you to be involved. Of course we need to send us a considerable amount of books Good news for you, and I’ve been born again What now? By Charles Brock, both Spanish and Haitian Creole. These books use them in discipleship in the new churches.

Special requests.

Pray for the youth of the Baptist Church of Plantation, Fla. Who come to serve in different towns of Pedernales and Haiti in June. Pray for the missionaries of Score International, which has its heart set on Pedernales in this June and July. Pray for Time Ministries, and Pastor Noe Figueroa, and plans to build a parsonage (a house for the pastor and his family) in Mensia in June, that the Lord will supply us for this beautiful work of love. Pray for the missionary brothers of Cross Church, and Pastor Brandon Kennedy, Arkansas, who come to serve us in the missions in July. Pray for me and my family, and plans to start a new church in Santo Domingo. Do not forget that their economic contributions are important to continue planting new churches. All our missionary work is coordinated with the Dominican Baptist Convention. And each temple property and bought and built to name the Convention.

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