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This is the story of the child Joel, here in La Colonia de Pedernales, in the most remote area of ​​the South of the Dominican Republic.

Joel is a child of Haitian origin, orphan of father, and son of a woman who usually visits our Haitian service.

In the cover photo, we can see Joel when we meet him for the first time.

Joel’s father died of alcohol. And his mother is a very poor woman, like all Haitians in the town. The liver was damaged, and his belly swelled. It was a quick death. And the Haitians accepted it as the consequence of a witchcraft.

A few days after his death. Joel’s belly also grew in an amazing way. And he could not keep going to his school.

I introduced the child, and they promised to help in the future.

As the Haitians in this area are very superstitious; They began to believe that the boy Joel had also been witchcraft.

One day I met Joel, while we were doing a prayer walk. And I was impressed

But one day, the American missionaries Bill and Priscilla Stothers, came to support us with a medical operation, I introduced the child to them, and they promised to help in the future.

The mother had no documents to travel to Santo Domingo, where is the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital, the most important hospital for children in the country.

The American missionaries Bill and Priscilla Stothers, came to support us with a medical operative.

But miraculously, God allowed the woman to reach her destination, as many times as necessary. Many people joined, to give them lodgings during their stay there. The missionaries covered all their economic expenses. And the Church and its Haitian chapel prayed every morning. Priscilla traveled every time, from her residence in San Pedro de Macorix in the East, to the capital in the South.

Pastor Ruddy Carrera’s audio, praying for Joel during a service.

His case was declared as of scientific interest; like a disease never before sight.

God worked such a miracle that even the director of the hospital was there on the day of his operation.

Now Joel is a healthy child and attends school.

His belly was full of water, but they could not find the cause.

Then I knew that if I was not operated at that time, I would have died.

God used us to make the Haitians understand that not every problem is the cause of witchcraft, and that Joel lived above all else.

Now Joel has returned to school, and attends our children’s cults, and is a healthy child.

Undoubtedly, all this was a great miracle, within a series of successive miracles. Economically, all this would have been impossible for his family. But as Priscilla told me later: “God has a plan for this child.”

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