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Christian ethics plays an important role in the individual and in the Christian community in general, in addition to explaining, describing and providing the necessary cognitive tools, directs the individual to impact and influence the surrounding society in general, given its character, nature and purpose innate to the purpose of man on earth: to glorify the name of God.

Meeting of the Baptist Convention of the Dominican Republic.

It is very important and successful that the Christian church hold workshops on Christian ethics. This would help improve, the good testimony of its members, in the church community. And to remember their scale of values ​​in that community. As the apostle Paul puts it to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12. Referring to:

  1. The responsability.
  2. The honesty.
  3. Respect.
  4. The discipline.
  5. The loyalty.
  6. The overcoming.
  7. Commitment.
  8. The competitiveness.
  9. The quality.

The Church then has to ask for the direction of the Holy Spirit in Prayer, on the topics to be dealt with, and on the style to be presented by that workshop. Everything must revolve on the basis of Christian ethical values, from a biblical and evangelical background.



Hugh Jackman, starring Paul the Apostle in the studies of Warner Bros.

´´Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an examplefor the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity´´(NIV).

Exhibitors must be people of mature faith, and with sufficient time in the gospel; if they may have a ministerial role. And this would help to give more force to the subject to be treated. But above all that the exhibitors are people of a good testimony, of a transparent life, and that they have a good handling of the Scriptures.

Because much more than a list of positive and negative commands, the Bible gives us detailed instructions on how to live as the Christian should. The Bible is all we need to know how to live the Christian life. However, the Bible does not

explicitly every situation we can face in our lives. How, then, is enough? This is why Christian ethics.

Considering the seriousness of the previous statement about the Bible, the activity has to be organized in time, and the invitations must be delivered on time. The space for the workshop should be as welcoming as possible. And the activity should have a good promotion in the church, so that the participants know clearly that it is the workshop.

The church should ensure that those attending the ethics workshop each carry their bible, and a notepad. Biblical principles should be the basis of the workshop, and Christ should be its center.

We can not lose sight of, encourage people to attend with their Bible. The Word of God does not address every situation that we may face in our lives, it is enough to lead a Christian life. In most cases, we can see what the Bible says and follow the proper path based on it. In cases where Scripture does not give us explicit instructions for a given situation, we need to find the principle behind it. Again, in some cases, it will be easy. Most of the principles that Christians use are sufficient for most cases. In the rare case where there is neither an explicit Scripture nor an apparently clear principle, we need to trust in God. We must pray about His Word and open ourselves to His Spirit. The Spirit will teach us and guide us through the Bible to find the principle we need to affirm in order to walk and live as a Christian should.

Letting the Holy Spirit guide us, use us, and impact listeners is a priority in an activity of this magnitude. In the Christian ethics workshop, the church must define its statement of principles or rules that are recommended as norms for the exercise of properly Christian conduct. And it should call upon its members to adhere to those principles.

In conclusion: conducting workshops on ethics should be a priority in the work agenda of every healthy church. Many Christians would improve their social and moral behavior, and would have a greater commitment to their faith, family and Christian community, if they were exposed from time to time to this type of group activity.

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